Windows always make the room look bigger, higher, make it look more luxury, and it makes it brighter. It provides a better view, and it can make it warmer, since the sun will fall down on a higher rate.

High windows for high-life 1

via Johnson County Having windows from the down to the top will drastically change the way you feel about your room, your apartment, your neighborhood. You will suddenly feel like you live in Manhattan, and you have the whole city at your reach. Or in some country house where all you can see is the wide green land, and the mountains at the horizon.

High windows for high-life 2

via Fenster If you have an attic room, you can also put windows at the roof and install yourself a skylight. If your roof is vault, or even if it’s not, you can make the upper frame of the window like an arch. If the place is all open, meaning, no separate rooms, you can put windows all over the walls! As I said earlier, you will have more light, not so much lighting will be necessary, and it will be warmer thanks to the sunlight.

High windows for high-life 3

via Jennifer Delonge Use the space it is given to you! Don’t close the walls – you will suffocate the ambient. You have to be careful with choosing the window material, though. It has to have a good close and a good isolation, since it will take so much of the surface. Use PVC or wood with good rubber isolation, in order not to lose the warmth in your place and lose the sustainability of your investment!